Innovating for effectiveness

To achieve benchmark leading performance in the automotive industry, every point of the manufacturing process must run as lean and efficiently as possible.

To help our customers achieve benchmark leadership in productivity and quality in fluid filling processes, AGRAMKOW offers an innovative lineup of technologies for automotive applications like these:

  • ABS brake & clutch fluids
  • Air conditioning gases
  • Coolant fluids
  • Power Assistant Steering fluids
  • Wind screen washer
  • Gearbox, transmission and engine oils
  • Fuel
  • Test systems
  • Quality Management

Thanks to our applications expertise and experience, our engineers understand the operational imperatives and objectives of lean manufacturing processes.  We'll partner with you to drive significant improvements in the performance, quality and cost efficiency of fluid filling processes through the intelligent application of everything from filling equipment to test equipment and quality management systems.

Finding a reliable partner can be a daunting task. So it's worth noting that we're not just here to sell you a product. AGRAMKOW is dedicated to delivering the greatest value for the lower total cost of ownership.