Increase your efficiency, productivity and quality

Solutions for heat pump manufacturers

Solutions for heat pump manufacturers

Today’s heat pump manufacturers are continually challenged with optimizing operations, ensuring uptime, increasing productivity and maintaining efficiency throughout the production. Manufacturers are looking to accelerate OEE and deliver measurable business results, while ensuring safe production environment for their employees.

At AGRAMKOW, we offer solutions that create an integrated ecosystem and that unifies equipment, software, and service. Designed so you can generate better outcome through all phases of your manufacturing process and increase performance, uptime, and quality.

Our solutions include refrigerant charging, performance testing, services, and software solutions such as real-time visual guide, critical component verifications and visual inspection solutions.

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Refrigerant charging solutions

Refrigerant charging solution

Eliminate traditional safety zone around your charging station without compromising safety.

The No-Zone Charging solution eliminates the need for a traditional safety zone around your A2L/A3 charging area, without compromising safety. The solution has a fully integrated safety system and a charging adaptor that is subject to an automatic leak test before each filling and a mechanical lock that ensures a correct, and 100% safe connection at all times.

It is a plug & play system that fits into your existing production line without any need for rebuilding or time-consuming installation of knee walls, conveyor trays or complex ventilation. You can utilize your production area to a higher level and reduce the energy consumption for ventilation and heating/cooling up to 90%.

Performance testing for heat pumps

Performance Testing for heat pumps

Build a winning brand reputation with reliable performance testing

Get the most reliable performance testing solutions available on the market that is built on 30+ years of experience and with a proven track record world-wide.

With test solutions by AGRAMKOW, you are in full control of your performance testing process and can easily set up your own test parameters and configure the system you need to perform a variety of test procedures. The solutions are modular and user-friendly with a modern and intuitive user interface that shows test status and other information.

Operator Terminal

Visual guidance & traceability

Work instructions and failure code registration platform

Design your own user interface and get real-time visual guidance for your production workers. PLIS Smart Suite can help you identify the right components to prevent any assembly errors.

PLIS Smart Suite is a centralized management system, designed for monitoring and controlling production lines and gives you full product traceability and ensures that heat pumps leaving the factory have been produced and tested according to specification.

With PLIS Smart Suite, you can collect and analyze valuable production data, determine the root cause of defects, delays and re-works, and find unseen opportunities to optimize your processes.

AGRAMKOW service


Achieve optimal asset performance

Good service is key when it comes to ensuring the uptime of your assets. With services by AGRAMKOW, you can feel confident that your assets are operating at optimal performance, all the time. You can minimize unplanned repair work, increase asset availability, lower costs, and reduce the risk of equipment failure. 

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