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Students at AGRAMKOW

Whether you’re a student, a graduate, or just starting your career, we'll give you the tools and support you need to take your passion further.

AGRAMKOW provides the opportunity to work with industry experts and allows you to bring in new perspectives, innovative ideas and research experience while improving skills in an international environment.

 We offer opportunities in i.e.:

  • Internships
  • Trainees
  • Student Assistant
  • Projects

If you are interested, please send us your application including your resume and your transcripts

Student stories

Meet our students and learn about their time at AGRAMKOW

Students at AGRAMKOW

Suprio Barua - Student Assistant in Software Development

Meet Suprio, an Engineering student at SDU

My background is in electronics, but my passion is in software. With AGRAMKOW, I can work on what I love and pursue my passion. They see the potential in people and give them the resources to develop themselves in fields that interest them.

The people here are very welcomingthey invested their resources and time in me to help me learn. Although I didn't have any prior experience with embedded systems, they gave me the opportunity to work on them as part of my master's thesis. I also had a little experience in the software department, but they adjusted me to fit the role I was given, and I'm still working here.

The team at AGRAMKOW never gets tired of answering my many questions, and they make me feel welcome. It's not just about the work, but about the people I work with, that makes it enjoyable. Overall, I'm grateful for the opportunity AGRAMKOW has given me to pursue my passion and develop myself in fields that I'm interested in.

Currently, I am working with PLIS, but my thesis is on a different thing (object detection in the gas leaking system of the refrigerator, to make it more efficient and risk-free for the operator)

Nnenna Uzoma Umeononigwe – Student Assistant in the Sales Department

Meet Nnenna,  MSc in Business, Language and Culture from SDU

I have a natural talent for connecting with people and enjoy collecting data to observe patterns and find meaning. Business development combines my passion for interacting with people and data analysis. In my role, I get to collect data by interacting with different regional offices and using learning tools to develop relevant skills. My master's program at SDU Sønderborg gave me a theoretical understanding of business concepts, practices, and international marketing and global business research. Working at AGRAMKOW is my first opportunity to put some of that knowledge into practice, gaining practical experience related to the theoretical concepts, I learned at university.

This experience has confirmed my interest in business development which utilizes data to provide insights for strategy development. It has exposed me to the different aspects of the business world, and the knowledge gained through my work is relevant to my future career goals.

Students at AGRAMKOW
Students at AGRAMKOW

Elias Frey – Student Assistant in the Sales Department

Meet Elias a MSc in Engineering, Innovation and Business student from SDU

I discovered my passion for business development while working out in the field, hands-on troubleshooting industrial machines and solving problems for clients. My role at AGRAMKOW involves using data to identify business opportunities and challenges and presenting them in a way that will allow management to make the right business decisions. AGRAMKOW gives me the degree of freedom to try myself in different areas, interact across departments, and learn new aspects of the business, which adds to my baggage of experience and moves me forward on the path of becoming a well-rounded business developer.

I treat my stay at AGRAMKOW as a life-changing opportunity to sharpen my skills in a real-world business environment and set an exciting career trajectory.

Robert Skaar - from Student Assistant to full-time Software Developer

“As a student assistant I developed a web app that analyses potential value to be targeted by the sales department. Then in my internship I developed a canteen web app which handles canteen purchases and payments on site at AGRAMKOW, it has a touchscreen menu with an RFID employee card reader. In my final exam I made a proof of concept and MVP on integrating automation systems into PLIS Smart Suite.

All through my education I’ve been given trust, motivation and support. I’m especially thankful for the interesting tasks I’ve been given and that I had influence on how and what was to be developed within my tasks.

Now I’m employed as a software developer with primary focus on web development, working on improving and expanding the functionality of PLIS Smart Suite.”

Students at AGRAMKOW
Students at AGRAMKOW

Colin Poetter – Student Assistant in Business Development

“My name is Colin and I am studying Economics and Business Administration in my 4th Semester at SDU. As a student assistant in Business Development at AGRAMKOW, my task is to analyze the French market, looking to gather business intelligence on potential customers and competitors to support the sales team.

Working for AGRAMKOW has been a nice experience, as the people are welcoming and eager to help each other. To become more familiar with my colleagues, I was introduced to all the different departments and given presentations on what they do and how we might work together, if possible. My main tasks have been clearly defined and I coordinate a lot with my supervisor on the progress, while still having the autonomy to accomplish them how I see fit. If I face any obstacles or have any questions, there is always someone I can talk to. That is why I believe AGRAMKOW offers a great learning opportunity for any student.”

Magnus Behrens Michaelsen - IT-Supporter Intern

“My name is Magnus, I am an IT-Supporter Intern at AGRAMKOW. Already from the beginning I felt trusted to execute my tasks.

I get the opportunity to talk with people from all over the world, and to speak to colleagues in the house. Besides, the tasks are never the same. It can vary from sending a manual to help with a problem, to shipping a new part to the customer.

From my working experience at AGRAMKOW, I have learned to troubleshoot and to be patient. The internship has given me the opportunity to see some regions of the world that I would never have seen otherwise, and to move some boundaries.

My colleagues are very kind and professional. AGRAMKOW is a good place to work.”

Students at AGRAMKOW
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