Equipment and machines for appliance production

The perfect solutions for your end-of-line appliance production

Leak Detection

Improve your process quality, boost your productivity and enhance your brand reputation.

Evacuation & repair

Evacuation and repair solutions designed for safe operation and high evacuation capacity.

Refrigerant Charging

Maximize your productivity with accurate, high speed and energy efficient charging solutions.

Refrigerant supply

Stable and reliable refrigerant supply pump to ensure efficiency and safety during your charging process.

Safety systems & testing

Assure safe operation while charging with flammable refrigerants.

Performance testing

Reliable performance testing solutions, designed to fit your requirements

We are experts!

AGRAMKOW's expertise lies within the design and production of equipment for end of line applications in the appliance production industry. We are experts on filling and charging of refrigerants as well as on test quipment for appliance products.

Every piece of equipment is compatible with our PLIS Smart Suite software which guarantees unobstructed data acquisition and analysis down the line.