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New PLIS release
May 2024

Welcome to the unveiling of our latest PLIS release

We are happy to present a range of exciting features, designed to enhance your operations and streamline your workflow.

This release includes features such as photo module, event module, barcode masks, recipes and service management where you can manage, create and configure all services in the system menu of PLIS Factory.

Photo Module

The new photo module enables operators to take one or more photos and store them with the operator terminal result.

This can be very useful for example during visual inspection to document scratches, dents or other errors. The photos can then be used in the repair area to help guide the operator performing the repairs. You can also draw on the images for highlighting some areas of the photo.

Any camera that is connected to the PC or device that is used to display the operator terminal interface, can be used. For example pc, tablet or a mobile.


Events can now be managed form PLIS factory with a new user friendly interface that makes it easier to create advanced events.

An event is a set of rules that must be completed before another process is initiated. This can for example be that you must perform an electrical safety test before you put a power on a product. Or it can be more complex set of conditions that must be completed before a product is allowed to start or  pass a test. Different conditions can apply for different products

Barcode masks

Barcode masks can now be managed from PLIS Factory with a brand new interface that is much nicer to handle than the previous one.

You can now effortlessly configure barcode masks and you can embed elements such as module and serial number into the barcode mask to have a unique tracking of products.

Recipe management

We have started the process of making recipe management available in PLIS factory and the first stage is now complete with these asset types:

  • All MPC2 based Asset Types
  • Kobra-III Welder
  • Kobra-II PRO-EX Welder
  • EST900/S
  • EST 200
  • Generic Interface
  • Sequencer

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