Automated Leak Detection (ALD-360)

Designed to ensure consistency, improve production efficiency and increase product quality

Proven reliability

The innovative automated leak detection solution is designed to improve quality, increase productivity, and enhance your brand reputation. Through the use of robotics, we provide two major benefits for your tracer gas leak detection process: accuracy and consistency.

To ensure correct measurements of leaking refrigerants, we have created a revolutionary, patented sniffer probe head that can bring your leak detection to a whole new level. The leak detection is highly accurate and performs 360° leak detection consistently day in and day out and the quality of the leak detection job is substantially better than what the best operator can accomplish manually. 

If there is a leak, ALD-360 finds it

After scanning the barcode on the product, ALD-360 knows exactly which pipes and joints to check for leaks. The arm is automatically moved to the exactly right position and the patented silicone-surrounded probe head is gently, yet firmly, placed around the joint. The resulting chamber is as close to being completely tight as it gets, forming a cocoon around the joint so the leak detection can begin.

The combination of vision-controlled placement, the extremely tight chamber surrounding the pipes and joints, combined with highly sensitive sensors result in unprecedented leak detection which exceeds strict industry standards.

Centralized management with PLIS Smart Suite

Acquiring the ALD-360 system to improve quality in the leak detection process is just one of the many benefits the system provides.

With PLIS Smart Suite you have full traceability of all the products on your production line and the comprehensive data collected by the ALD system provides valuable insight into the performance and offers statistical evidence for improvement measures. 

PLIS Smart Suite help you spot leak trends that indicate a recurring issue so you can optimize your processes to improve your product quality.

Your benefits

  • Repeatability and consistency
  • Fully automated process handling
  • Eliminates human errors with automated process
  • Patented 360° sniffer probe head
  • Cutting edge 3D vision technology
  • Multiple leak detection points
  • Maximum leak detection certainty
  • Flexible and easy installation
  • Reliable leak detection even with high background contamination
  • Reliable production traceability and root cause analysis of any leaks with PLIS Smart Suite

Improve efficiency & productivity

PLIS Smart Suite is the world most advanced production line information system for the appliance production industry market. With PLIS, you can collect and analyze data from your production and easily optimize your processes for better operational results

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