CPT-XD2 - for appliance performance testing

Performance testing for domestic and smaller commercial products

Performance testing

Reliable and accurate testing

The CPT-XD2 function & performance test box from AGRAMKOW provides you with cutting-edge technology for end-of-line performance testing. It offers fast, reliable, and accurate testing and ensures that your products meet specified quality goals. Through integration with AGRAMKOW’s production line information system (PLIS), you will always have access to the crucial information needed to continuously deliver products that comply with your company’s quality targets.

Compelling benefits

When you implement CPT-XD2 into the production line, you will enjoy the full benefits of the industry’s most advanced performance test solution.

CPT-XD2 will help you with:

  • Delivering products of higher quality and greater profitability
  • Reducing product return rates and building customer loyalty
  • Automating the performance testing process and reducing human errors
  • Getting trustworthy and detailed information about every product coming off the production line
  • Achieving high-accuracy power measurements for accelerated component testing


New features without compromise

With enhanced features and technology, CPT-XD2 replaces the previous system, CPT-XD, and takes performance testing to the next level. Powerful features such as WLAN interface and TFT color display enables robust realtime access to test information - remotely or directly on the box. AGRAMKOW’s products are built to last, and our commitment to backwards compatibility ensures that you can integrate CPT-XD2 into existing production lines side-by-side with the older CPT-XD system. This way you can grow and expand your system with ease.


Appliance performance testing
Performance testing data

Instant wireless information

The industrial WLAN version is a highly robust form of communication, ensuring continuous connection to the PLIS Smart Suite Gateway. As a result, you have immediate access to the latest test results online. The WLAN version of CPT-XD2 comes with a highly user-friendly color display that provides information about the status and measured values of the current ongoing test. And you can always see which sensors passed or failed during test execution.

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