CPT-XM2 - performance testing

Build a winning brand reputation with reliable performance testing

Performance testing

Put you products to the test

A world class, rugged design that is built for the most challenging conditions so you can get the results you can trust.

The design is so smart that you can customize and build your own testing box with a selection of modules, so each box is completely tailored to your specific needs. Later, as your business grows and your needs evolve, you can easily add more features and functionalities without having to replace the entire solution. You simply expand and scale the system by adding or changing sensor devices.

The sensor technology enables a unique opportunity to swiftly change test procedures to implement new test requirements. By using PLIS Smart Suite, you can easily set up your own recipes, test parameters and configure the system you need to perform a variety of tests procedures. The sensors can also be moved from one box to another, kept fully calibrated in stock and used with any transducer.

Flexible testing for your diverse products

The CPT-XM2 is so versatile that is not only enable various testing of cooling capacity and efficiency, but it also supports testing of mixed product modules. It supports up to 4 different voltages so you can setup unique recipes for different modules easily. The user interface in PLIS Smart Suite is so sophisticated and user-friendly that anyone, regardless of programming skills, can set up new recipes and parameters. Therefore, you are in full control of your own testing, totally undependable on AGRAMKOW and you can even manage limits for external as well as internal sensors.

The CPT-XM2 is undoubtedly an iconic performance test solution that can effortlessly adjusts to your production so you can deliver the quality products your customers deserve.

Performance testing screen
Performance testing report

Optimize your production while improving your productivity and quality

With PLIS Smart Suite , you can control your CPT-XM2, and easily set up your own recipes, limits, and other parameters. The comprehensible and user-friendly interface allows you to be fully in control of your own testing process.

PLIS Smart Suite delivers accurate and actionable visualization of exactly what is happening during your test process so you can take required actions in order to achieve optimal result. It is a complete centralized management system that stores all your testing data and simplifies root cause analysis.

Maximize your uptime with efficient calibration and full sensor control

Smart sensor

Smart sensors

The intelligent smart sensors can be programmed to fit your testing needs and they can be calibrated independently of the test box without disrupting the production. The sensors will let the operator know when it is time for calibration and to save time, simply keep back-up pre-calibrated sensors on stock.

Sensor calibration


Calibrate the sensors yourself with a calibration kit, where you can calibrate up to 8 smart sensors at a time. Each sensor has its own ID to ensure total traceability.

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