Charging made simple

CO2 charging station for low to medium sized productions

Based on the robust design of EMAC, the EMAC CO2 combines state of the art technology with high quality components to ensure a reliable and accurate charging process. The EMAC CO2 charges CO2 in a gaseous phase removing the need for external cooling and insulated supply lines. In fact, the EMAC CO2 will function within specification from 10°C to 50°C without any special requirements.


  • 1 Last channel selection,
  • 9 Quick channel selections and
  • Top ten
  • Start/Stop keypad on gun
  • Installation flexibility
  • Built-in interface and user program for bar code scanner and printer
  • Sensor diagnostics (pressure, vacuum, temperature, piston position)
  • Self evacuation for easy start-up
  • Time or pressure based evacuation
  • Outlet of hoses can be on the right or left side
  • Disposable filter – no cleaning of filter housing
  • AGRAMKOW Massflow module
  • PLIS Smart Suite compliant


  • High accuracy independent of ambient temperature
    and refrigerant pressure
  • MPC controller with user-friendly interface
  • Advanced (D)ynamic (F)low (C)ompensation
  • Full control and Traceability


  • Bar code scanner incl. configurable bar code
  • 2 sided evacuation incl. ADC (Automatic DisConnection)
  • Pass/fail interface
  • Light tower
  • Welding interface
  • 25 m3/h Vacuum pump
  • Printer including standard print out format
  • Gunparking
  • Fixed arm with balancer
  • Bottle and Pump Rack
  • Bottle Heater Belt

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