SARAMAX - refrigerant charging machine

The smart investment for basic non-flammable refrigerant filling applications

Economical and safe charging technology

SARAMAX is an all-in-one charging station for flammable and non-flammable refrigerants. SARAMAX houses advanced technologies that put a break on potential speed losses. And it all happens with the speed of the modular, dual-action charging cylinder that works as a both pump and a charging cylinder.

Configuration options

As with all AGRAMKOW charging solutions, SARAMAX is designed to work seamlessly with your existing production environment. With flexible options and features like right or left hand hose outlets, PLIS Smart Suite compatibility, Automatic Disconnection (ADC), and a built-in bar code scanner with customer defined bar codes, SARAMAX lets you build the charging station that's best for your operations. Even an integrated Safety Monitoring System can be supplied with the SARAMAX-F version.

All common refrigerants: R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A, R22, R600a and R290

1 or 2 media
SARAMAX is available for both one and two refrigerants and bottle and central supply capabilities.


  • Bar code scanner incl. configurable bar code
  • ADC gun - Automatic Disconnection
  • 2 sided evacuation
  • SafeBlock
  • Stand-by gun
  • Light tower
  • 25 m3/h vacuum pump
  • Printer including standard print out format
  • Mobile station
  • Safe IR 2 System
  • Bottle cabinet for flammable refrigerants
  • PLIS Smart Suite compliant

Improve efficiency & productivity

PLIS Smart Suite is the world most advanced production line information system for the appliance production industry market. With PLIS, you can collect and analyze data from your production and easily optimize your processes for better operational results

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