RS controller kit

Get productivity enhancing functionalities such as sensor diagnostics that continuously monitor critical functions and Total Preventive Maintenance indicators.

Upgrade option for RS-170 and RS-F air cooled pumps

Choose a supply pump solution with a fully integrated controller right from the start or you can specify a supply solution without a controller and add on a controller module later.

Youer benefits

  • Default data table for refrigerant parameters for fast installation
  • In use data table can be changed onsite
  • Programmable outlet pressure for fast installation
  • Selection of different operation modes
  • Closing inlet valve in stand-by mode for better safety
  • Switch-Over feature commands pump to change between 2 cylinders; time and numbers of switch back is programmable. Assures cylinder is emptied more completely, especially during cold periods because the pressure in the cylinder is increased in response to temperature equalization time
  • Automatic “start-up” after voltage drop prevents speed losses
  • External remote control of stand-by enhances shop floor efficiency
  • External remote monitor signals “empty cylinder” and “in operation” for improved process efficiency

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