EST-200 - for electrical safety testing

Cost-efficient solution for electrical safety testing


Reliable electrical safety testing

The EST-200 electrical safety tester is a cost-efficient solution for appliances manufacturers and complies with IEC 61010-2-034.

User-friendly and reliable
The EST-200 is a fully automatic solution, easy to operate and delivers fast and reliable test results. EST-200 utilizes 7-inch color TFT LCD and inherits the consistent simplicity key design style of the product family to allow users to experience easy operations and a clear observation of the test results.

Safety first

To comply with IEC 61010-2-034 requirements, the series takes into account of safety by adopting the double insulation design for input power supply and output voltage to enhance user safety. Additionally, the retracted on-off switch design (START key) and various mechanisms for test activation (for instance, press and hold for 1 second to activate, activation by pressing double keys, etc.) are incorporated into the series to avoid accidentally touching that results in high voltage/large current output causing damage and danger to products or users.

Secure your product’s quality

EST-200 offers selectable ARC detection from 1 to 40 levels to identify potential product quality failures such as loose screws, bad material insulation etc. Furthermore it controls the ramp up time to prevent the occurrence of spike, which might cause wrong measurements.

Test functions

  • AC/DC withstanding voltage test
  • Insulation resistance test
  • AC ground bond test and continuity test


  • ACW: 5kVAC
  • DCW: 6kVDC
  • IR: 50V~1200V (50V steps)
  • GB: 3A~32A
  • CONT: 100mA


  • Ramp up time control
  • Ramp down time control
  • Safety discharge
  • 100 test conditions (MANU mode)
  • 100 automatic tests (AUTO mode)
  • Over temperature, voltage and current protection
  • Pass, Fail, Test, High Voltage and Ready indicators
  • PWM output (90% efficiency, increased reliability)
  • Interlock (configurable)
  • Rear panel output

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