Real time manufacturing data with PLIS Smart Suite

A centralized management system that gives you a complete overview of all the assets on your production line.


The digital foundation your business needs to improve quality and productivity.

PLIS Smart Suite is a software application designed for monitoring and controlling production lines for A/C and refrigerator manufacturing. It manages test and process parameters and collects data from all processes on the line, both from AGRAMKOW and/or 3rd party equipment.

PLIS Smart Suite gives full product traceability and ensures that products leaving the factory have been produced and tested according to specification. This increases your quality, improves performance and availability while providing management with real-time data for decision making. With PLIS Smart Suite, you get everything you need in a single location:

  • Asset & Production management
  • Analytics and visualization of data
  • User friendly interface
  • A solution tailored to your needs

Modular system, tailored to your needs

PLIS Smart Suite consists of a number of modules and within each module you have the opportunity to change numerous settings so there are no two identical implementations. The reason is obvious: PLIS Smart Suite adapts to your needs and requirements – not the other way around.

So, think of PLIS Smart Suite as a buffet! Where you can pick and choose and build it, so it fits your production needs. The same is true for how data is stored and presented. If you want to take advantage of the thousands of data points PLIS Smart Suite generates by transferring them to your ERP or MES system you can do that too.

Our dedicated team of experts will work closely with you to identify your specific needs and requirements so you can take full advantage of the numerous benefits, PLIS Smart Suite brings.


Explore what you can do with PLIS Smart Suite

Functions & features



With the Result feature in PLIS Factory, manufacturers can seamlessly access and review all their critical production results through a user-friendly web-based application, making it easily accessible from any device and from anywhere.

OPC UA and Web API

OPC UA and Web API

PLIS Smart Suite supports integration into your systems with OPC UA and Web API, allowing you to extend, modify, or automate various procedures or visualizations.


Operator Terminal

The Operator Terminal Software application is the ultimate tool to ensure human intelligence adding between real on line observations and production software for quality insurance and high productivity. 

PLIS Smart Suite

Big data and data mining make it possible for you to make better decisions and execute them faster

With PLIS Smart Suite you can finally take full advantage of big data and data mining to help you understand what is really going on and make sound decisions. In other words: With PLIS Smart Suite, you can act with confidence and as a result substantially:

  • Reduce defects and reworks
  • Cut waste
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase resource utilization
  • Improve cycle times

Flexible installation

Designed around three core softwares, PLIS Smart Suite gives you a single point of handling a versatile production with the flexibility and functionality needed to bring your production to the next level. The modular platform of PLIS allows easy integration of functions and add-ons.

With PLIS, you add more value to the system you already have installed, helping improve production quality and productivity. The flexibility of PLIS allows you to integrate PLIS within a smaller production and upgrade as your production grows, or start with a full implemented control system.

PLIS overview

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