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Boosting the Heat Pump market growth with revolutionary manufacturing solutions

Refrigerant Charging Solutions for flammable refrigerants

Booming market growth

The heat pump market in Europe has been growing steadily up to 2022, driven by increased awareness of the need to transition to more sustainable heating and cooling solutions. Since beginning of 2022 however, the market accelerated very fast driven by rising gas prices during 2022. Even if the gas prices are now back to similar level as before, the market growth is still ongoing, creating new opportunities for products and innovation in the years to come.

The European Union target is to replace fossil fuel with renewable energy sources in the heating and cooling sector and therefore many countries in Europe are addressing the energy transition with relevant measures. For example, the United Kingdom and France have announced ban on oil and gas boilers from 2025. That will make the demand for heat pumps even higher.

The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) forecasts continuous growth for the coming years and heat pump manufacturers are investing in new production lines to meet growing demand. The total announced investment to be executed over the next 3 years, sums up to nearly 5 billion Euros. Some of the larger manufacturers are expecting to more than triple their existing factory output by investing more than 1 billion Euros in their new factories.

“As a supplier for heat pump manufacturers, we feel the growing demand and the need for manufacturers to keep up with the pace of the market. We have delivered solutions to many of the largest manufacturers in Europe and we expect to tenfold our heat pump business in the next 5 years as we believe that we have the right solutions for manufacturers to increase their production capacity, improve their production quality and improve the performance of their products.” says Søren E. Nielsen, Managing Director at AGRAMKOW

Soren Nielsen, CEO

More sustainable and efficient solutions for manufacturers

AGRAMKOW have designed solutions for safe charging of flammable refrigerants, performance testing, and complete production line management system that can give manufacturers full traceability of their products throughout the production line.

The refrigerant charging solution from Agramkow, named NO-ZONE solution, eliminates the need for a traditional safety zone around the flammable refrigerant charging area, without compromising safety. The solution fits perfectly into every production line without any need for rebuilding or time-consuming installations of knee walls, conveyor trays or complex ventilations. Manufacturers can better utilize their production area and at the same time minimize the energy consumption otherwise needed for ventilation and heating/cooling.

Forecasts show immense potential

With increased awareness of the importance of sustainable production and the pressure of reducing carbon footprint, manufacturers are turning to more sustainable methods in their factories. The solutions by AGRAMKOW are designed with the highest sustainability standards in mind and can help heat pump manufacturers move one step closer to reaching their climate goals.

According the the International Energy Agency, heat pumps have the potential to reduce global carbon dioxide emission by at least 500 million tons in 2030 and play a large role in the global transition to sustainable heating. With supporting governmental policies, increased consumer awareness for sustainability and cost-efficiency, heat pumps are becoming increasingly more attractive option for heating buildings. With a steady and assured market growth, and predictable market conditions, manufacturers are confident to expand their production capacity.

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