Increase your production efficiency and productivity with PLIS Smart Suite

It is time to close your ‘Hidden factory’


The more uptime on your production line the more products you can deliver - PLIS Smart Suite provides the means to make it happen

By connecting and monitoring every asset, PLIS Smart Suite creates and maintains a full overview of your production lines’ status and health. Problems related to machines or equipment will quickly be identified and classified, thereby enabling fast troubleshooting and remediation - before they turn into expensive line stops and production loss.

PLIS Smart Suite constantly monitors keys parameters in each asset allowing early identification of potential problems or needed maintenance. PLIS Smart Suite will even alert maintenance staff automatically when needed. Planning and executing repairs and maintenance tasks outside production hours means production stops can be avoided and costly downtime reduced.



With PLIS Smart Suite, you will reach performance levels you have only been dreaming of.

PLIS Smart Suite has all the tools you need to check if your production line is running at optimal performance. The production monitoring service compares your production plan to the actual output and clearly visualizes to all relevant staff, including the line operators, whether they are ahead or behind schedule. It will even raise an alarm when something is not according to plan and automatically alert key personnel. This ensures that performance problems are dealt with swiftly and in a timely manner.

With PLIS Smart Suite:

  • You can finally enter the world of Industry 4.0 and digitalize your entire production line workflow.
  • You can collect information from all your line operators digitally in a fast and efficient manner while providing them with digital interactive work instructions that assist them during line operations.
  • You can even monitor execution times for each process and compare data between lines and shifts.



PLIS Smart Suite takes the quality of your production to a new level and significantly reduces the need for re-makes

By centralizing both relevant data collection and process management, PLIS Smart Suite ensures your quality is consistent, monitored and documented.

PLIS Smart Suite identifies your products, distributes the correct test parameters, and makes sure the process is executed correctly every time, while storing a complete history of results, applied parameters and limits. When combined with real-time feedback from line operators, you get valuable insights into your products’ quality and the information needed to maintain – or even improve – the quality.

With PLIS Smart Suite, you can make sure every product is processed correctly and tested according to specifications each and every time. More importantly you can rest assured that no faulty product leaves the production line to end up at a disgruntled consumer.

Take your performance to a whole new level with data-driven production

New PLIS release - May 2024

New PLIS release - May 2024

Introducing the latest advancements of PLIS, designed to enhance your operations and streamline your workflow.

Join us at the AHR Expo 2024

Join us at the AHR Expo 2024

Engage with our team, witness live demonstrations and discover how we are shaping the future of sustainable solution for appliance manufacturers

Service Seminar 2023

Service Seminar 2023

Last week’s Service Seminar was a huge success. A big thanks to our incredible service team whose hard work and dedication made it possible.

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