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New PLIS release

We are excited to share the highlights of the new PLIS Smart Suite release which is packed with several exciting new features and enhancements to ensure smoother user experience and optimized performance.

Learn about the new features below:

Customized user interface with Views

Views is a versatile solution for generating customized interface and visualization for production line operators and other stakeholders in the factory. This could for example be combining machine status, sensor data and logs with operational instructions and operator input into one or a set of screens.

Users can use pre-defined templates or customize the interface according to their requirements by arranging different elements on the screen through a simple drag and drop action. The Views function can gather all visual elements needed for each workstation providing operators with better guidance and at the same time increase the overall user experience. Views is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly with no need for complex configurations or coding knowledge.

Views replaces the View designer in PLIS Manager and is included in PLIS Factory and the PLIS Smart Suite package.

Easy way to set pass fail criteria with Smart Limits

The new Smart Limits tool is an improved feature available in PLIS Factory, enhanced to deliver impressive performance boost, now operating up to eight times faster than the previous version. Smart Limits can generate sensor limits automatically, based on data from historical performance test results. This can help increase the quality of produced products by having better pass-fail criteria.

Smart Limits can easily filter deviations from the data to provide the most accurate limit guidelines. The limits can also be visualized in a logarithmic scale graph where it is easy to see recommended limits area and adjust the limits as required. This is very useful in analyzing the vacuum process. Smart Limits makes it easier and more efficient to set sensors limits, resulting in optimized performance.

The new and improved Smart Limits is moved from PLIS Manager to PLIS Factory and is included in the PLIS Smart Suite package.

1st step of detailed results in PLIS Factory

As a part of migrating all functionality into the PLIS Factory the new improved version of Results can show detailed result for the step based results such as Safety testers and ultra-sonic welders. With the Results feature, you gain critical production insights to guide decision-making.  With a complete result view, it is possible to see all relevant results, for example passed or failed tests and more.

The Results feature can be found in PLIS Factory.

New and improved PLIS User Guide

In order to improve the overall user experience, we have released a new User Guide that provides detailed information on how to use PLIS Smart Suite more effectively.

It assists users to understand PLIS Smart Suite and aims to simplify processes and provide step-by-step instructions to guide users through various operations and navigate through features and functions.

The first release of the User Guide is designed for PLIS Manager and PLIS Gateway.

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