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New PLIS release

New PLIS release

Introducing new PLIS release - packed with powerful new features

The new features include Gateway as a Service so you can eliminate all PC's from you factory floor, Asset Management including asset health and troubleshooting, and User Management and Measuring units. Furthermore, new modules have been added in Views for supporting and controlling the leak detection process

Enhanced Gateway as a Service

With Gateway as a service, you can seamlessly remove computers from your production environment while maintaining secure and efficient connectivity to your assets from any device.

Enjoy enhanced flexibility, efficiency, and security while reducing cost and simplifying maintenance.

Asset Management

All assets,except sequencer, are now available in PLIS Factory. This means that PLIS Factory can be utilized for a centralized overview of all assets. Additionally, you can get real-time insight into health and performance of your equipment allowing you to proactively identify and address potential problems before they escalate.

Inficon XL3000FLEX is now also integrated in PLIS Factory as a new asset.

User Management and Measuring units in PLIS Factory

Now, all recipes can be safeguarded against unintended modifications as the user management now supports view of change history and restoring previous versions.

Measuring units have also been refreshed so it is now possible to configure in PLIS Factory where you can adjust to personal needs, all measuring units can be applied to all users or for personal use only.

New modules in Views for leak detection process

Modules in Views are in constant development, in the newest software release, we added a module for supporting and controlling the leak detection process to provide operators with graphical and visual guidelines.

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