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New PLIS release

We proudly present new powerful additions to PLIS Smart Suite that allow you to adapt, scale and customize your smart factory solutions

The new features include OPC UA and Web API for easy integration into your systems, Result feature for seamless access to production results from any device, and Operator Terminal - where you can design your own user interface for each workstation on your production line.


Seamless machine-to-machine interaction with OPC UA

OPC UA is a standardized communication protocol and framework, that enables platform- and manufacturer-independent data exchange between various devices on your production line.

With PLIS Smart Suite, you can now transfer data and share information between your AGRAMKOW products and other manufacturing equipment from various vendors, securely and efficiently.


A window into your database with Web API

Web API is the critical link to communicate between two systems and enable the integration of different software systems, allowing them to work together seamlessly.

By using Web APIs with PLIS Smart Suite, software developers can now exchange and access data easily, to incorporate it within their own applications regardless of their underlying technologies or platforms. It bridges the gap between different platforms and devices, making it possible to deliver a consistent user experience across various operating systems and devices.


Easy access to Results, anytime, anywhere

With the Result feature in PLIS Factory, manufacturers can seamlessly access and review all their critical production results through a user-friendly web-based application, making it easily accessible from any device and from anywhere.

Manufacturers can now get real-time insight directly to their devices and monitor KPIs, view test results, and get the complete production result view. This real-time data creates more transparency and empowers decision makers to quickly address any issue that may occur, optimize processes, and make sure that the production stays on track.

Operator Terminal

Modular and flexible Operator Terminal

The Operator Terminal serves as a bridge between the user and the underlying functionalities of PLIS Smart Suite. It allows users to interact with and control processes and equipment and can be used for improving manual operations. It has a flexible and user-friendly functionality where you can build and design a custom user interface for each work station

The Operator Terminal can be adapted for different areas in the production and used for different purposes such as:

  • Critical Component Verification
  • Repair Interface
  • Visual Inspection

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