AGRAMKOW is pleased to announce PLIS Smart Suite version

New PLIS software release

PLIS software release

The new version includes many new features, enhancements and optimizations that will ensure a better experience when using PLIS Smart Suite. Explore the highlights:

PLIS Factory: Operator Terminal
It has never been easier to register and trace failure codes and receive work instructions directly to the operator’s device. The new Operator Terminal is a web-based, real-time visual guide that supports multiple screens and devices and allows you to build and design your own user interface.

Asset Barcode (Unit barcode)
You can now use a single barcode scanner for multiple assets

Component check sequence in CPT-XD2
Support for a new type of sequence (Task Sequence) has been added to the CPT-XD2. This new sequence can be used for sequential testing of components where you can setup test parameters for each component easily. Creating recipes is now much more efficient, and with a new result view, it is now easier to view components that have been tested.

ALD-360 support
Enjoy the full benefits of the automatic leak detection robot. Analyze data from your leak detection and get valuable insight into the performance and statistical evidence for improvement measures.

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