Increase reliability, save cost, and improve performance of your assets

Maintenance service

Maintenance services

Your asset health is in full focus

Get greater equipment lifespan, improve productivity, and reduce cost with scheduled maintenance by AGRAMKOW.

Minimize the risk of unexpected downtime and get detailed records of past inspections and servicing of your equipment. We will monitor your assets’ health and prevent problems before they occur, so your operation continues to run smoothly.

An unexpected fault that leads to unplanned downtime can have severe consequences for manufacturing companies, both financially and commercially. An AGRAMKOW maintenance agreement, offers the best protection against unexpected faults by minimizing unplanned repairs, increasing asset availability, extending your assets’ lifetime, and budgeting your maintenance cost in advance.

A good maintenance proves its worth

With an AGRAMKOW maintenance agreement, our skilled service technicians will monitor your assets’ health and identify issues when performing periodic maintenance. As potential causes of faults are detected at an early stage, they can be eliminated before developing into the cause of an actual fault. That will not only save you cost on repair, but also indirect costs associated with production loss.

Customized to your needs

AGRAMKOW can customize each service contract to fit your needs and we have service centers located around the globe to provide the same trusted service to all our customers.

The benefits of a maintenance

  • High performance and minimum downtime
    Ensure your assets get the essential maintenance, that will increase the lifespan of your assets
  • Specialist competences
    Our service technicians are certified to perform preventative maintenance and to detect all possible types of equipment failures at an early stage.
  • Change of wear parts
    All wear parts are always available from stock, reserved to service your assets.
  • Preventive maintenance planning
    Scheduled maintenance visits, leaving you free to focus on your primary operating processes.
  • Full inspection
    Includes spare and wear parts, safety audit, calibration, and a dialog about usage of the equipment.
  • List of any abnormal findings
    Service report that will be handed over to you for further dialog about eventual further actions and/or corrections.

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