HRM6 - Helium recovery solution

Fast and efficient helium recovery

Helium recovery solution

Minimize waste, maximize efficiency.

Helium is considered to be the most efficient tracer gas for leak detection in refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners. To ensure the highest possible production efficiency, manufacturers expect low helium consumption, fast recovery speeds and minimum maintenance in their recovery equipment.

Designed specially for use with helium, the HRM6 (Helium Recovery Module, 6 bar) provides an easy and efficient way to increase production and quality. Featuring a new and unique oil-free compressor, the HRM6 is designed for recovery pressures up to six bar. Combined with the PROTRACE leak detection system, the HRM6 is a competitive solution that can meet the highest demands with regard to flexibility, safety and ease of use. 

Helium Recovery System

The helium reclaim system allows you to manage, reclaim and recycle your helium supply and at the same time produce defect-free products and increase production effectiveness.

Efficient helium recovery can help you reach your sustainability goals for helium recovery.

Oil-free compressor

The heart of the HRM6 is the brand new AGRAMKOW-designed oil-free compressor. Specially developed for use in helium based test systems, the oil-free compressor ensures that the leak detection equipment does not introduce oil particles to the application. This ensures both high production up-time and the best possible working conditions for the sniffer, resulting products of consistent high quality.


Constant mix control and on the-fly helium concentration regulation

The ability to ensure a stable helium mix is a critical element towards achieving high leak detection quality and overall production efficiency and up-time. In order to make sure that the mix is precise, the HRM6 constantly monitors and controls the helium concentration, thereby keeping levels within the predefined parameters. This is a clear and time-saving advantage over systems that rely on completely emptying and refilling the buffer tanks, when the mix needs to be refreshed.


A typical test is conducted with a 50% helium mix and looks for total leaks up to 5-10 g per year. If the mix is wrong by 10%, leaks may in fact be higher than measured. In a system with six joins a 10% error in the mix will result in an increased leak rate of 3 g per year, 60% higher than what was measured.

Take full control of your leak detection

Ensure maximum production uptime, efficiency and quality with AGRAMKOW. Driven by a unique oil-free compressor and controlled by several advanced technologies, the new HRM6 helium recovery system guarantees the best possible conditions for helium quality. Designed for pressures up to six bar, the HRM6 is a value-adding solution - optimised for quality and safety conscious production lines

Improve efficiency & productivity

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