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Helium recovery

Helium recovery system

We all know that Helium is a limited natural resource. Although helium is the second most abundant element in the universe, helium is relatively rare on Earth. Once helium is pulled out of the ground and released to the atmosphere, it's impossible to recover as it will continue rising until it escapes into space. Due to its unique combination of physical and chemical characteristics, its lightness, it is commonly used as tracer gas for leak testing in refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and heat pumps.

Helium is found on only few locations around the world and these sources are being rapidly depleted. The cost of helium has increased significantly over the past years and for many companies, helium is on the critical material list.

At AGRAMKOW, we are committed to provide solutions to help manufacturers achieve their sustainability goals and minimize helium loss to the atmosphere. With our Helium reclaim solution, it has never been easier to reclaim and reuse helium in a sustainable way.

Efficient helium reclaim system

The helium reclaim system allows manufacturers to manage, reclaim and recycle helium supply and at the same time produce defect-free products and increase production effectiveness.

The AGRAMKOW system is made of many single products that each have their purpose in the recycle process. Each product can work individually or as a closed-loop-system that includes the following steps in the leak detection process:

1. Fill the refrigerating circuit with tracer gas (helium)
2. Perform leak detection with sniffing or ALD-360
3. Evacuate the tracer gas to a holding tank
4. Optional vacuum step to prepare the system for refrigerant charging
5. Return the tracer gas (helium) to recovery unit (HRM6 or HRM50)
6. Store the tracer gas (helium) in the buffer tank for reusage

Helium reclaim
HRM6 image

Constant helium mix control and concentration regulation

A key factor in achieving quality leak detection is to ensure a stable helium mix. The percentage of helium in the tracer gas is a parameter that must be considered carefully. To guarantee that the mix is precise, the AGRAMKOW HRM solutions constantly monitor and controls the helium concentration, thereby keeping levels within the predefined parameters.

This is a clear and time-saving advantage over systems that rely on completely emptying and refilling the buffer tanks when the mix needs to be refreshed.

Our reclaim solutions include:

  • HRM6 - Helium recovery module for 6 bar leak detection
  • HRM55 - Helium Recovery module for 55 bar leak detection

Efficient helium reclamation approach is important

The best answer against supply issues and rising helium cost is to waste as little helium as possible during the leak testing process. It is important to have efficient helium reclaim system where you can keep the loss to a minimum.

Let’s discuss how we can help you reach your sustainability goals for helium recovery

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