Cost-efficient electrical safety testing

Cost-efficient solution for electrical safety testing

The EST-100 electrical safety tester for earth test, flash test (hipot test) and insulation test is the cost-efficient solution for appliances manufactured under the scope of IEC335, EN60335, UL250, UL484 and other standards.

EST-100 is a fully automatic solution which is very easy to operate. It delivers fast and reliable test results offering 10 groups of memories to facilitate testing of up to 10 different product groups in your production line.

Safety first

EST-100 uses a safe way to set the trip current and output voltage without having to activate the high voltage or use a load resistor. With its Safety Fault Intercept technology it also detects whether the current is abnormal, and it shuts off the output power if the trip current exceeds the limits. A flashing red LED warns the operator if high voltage is present at output.

EST-100 offers selectable Arc detection from 1 to 40 levels to identify potential product quality failures such as loose screws, bad material insulation etc. Furthermore it controls the ramp up time to prevent the occurrence of spike, which can lead to wrong measurements.

Test functions

  • Earth test
  • Flash test (hipot test)
  • Insulation test

EST-100 manages earth tests of up to 30A making it suitable for a wide range of applications.


  • 200VA AC test capacity
  • AC/DC withstanding voltage test and insulation resistance test
  • 30A earth test
  • Arc detection
  • Controllable ramp-up time
  • Output voltage and current limit can be set without HV output
  • Output voltage adjustable during test period
  • Remote control for Start, Reset, and Test result output
  • Automatic fail indicator of alarm lamp and buzzer
  • RS-232C and USB interface
  • Test cables for rough industrial environment
  • Fully PLIS5+ compatible

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