OPC UA and Web API

Hello data exchange - Goodbye compatibility issues

OPC UA and Web API: the dynamic duo of interoperability

PLIS Smart Suite supports integration into your systems, allowing you to extend, modify, or automate various procedures or visualizations.

The OPC UA and Web API features in PLIS Smart Suite allow you to communicate effortlessly between platforms and machines and create an environment of unparalleled efficiency and intelligence. These two technologies have become the cornerstones for modern connectivity in manufacturing.

PLIS Smart Suite opens endpoints allowing you to create integrations in any number of systems that support the provided protocols. Common use cases include:

  • Synchronizing models to and from other systems, avoiding the need to maintain model information in multiple systems (coming soon)
  • Synchronizing user management, allowing you to automatically create or edit users, assign their rights, and disable them, all based on changes in your active directory (coming soon)
  • Visualize recent test results, failures, and errors in visualizations you control and design, integrated into your preferred visualization systems

Enabling the Data Exchange feature with an Web API or OPC-UA interface allows developers to integrate directly into PLIS Smart Suite, with a secure, stable, and supported interface.


Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture

Seamless and secure machine-to-machine interaction

OPC UA is a standardized communication protocol and framework, that enables platform- and manufacturer-independent data exchange between various devices on your production line.

With PLIS Smart Suite, you can now transfer data and share information between your AGRAMKOW products and other manufacturing equipment from various vendors, securely and efficiently.

In PLIS Smart Suite, OPC UA serves as an interface between machines and higher-level system such as MES and ERP and is capable of real-time communication, which is ideal where up-to-date data is crucial. It provides accurate monitoring control for fast decision-making and can also handle historical data access, which is valuable for data analysis and reporting purposes.


Application Programming Interface

A window into your database

Web API is the critical link to communicate between two systems and enable the integration of different software systems, allowing them to work together seamlessly.

By using Web APIs with PLIS Smart Suite, software developers can now exchange and access data easily, to incorporate it within their own applications regardless of their underlying technologies or platforms. It bridges the gap between different platforms and devices, making it possible to deliver a consistent user experience across various operating systems and devices.

Web APIs offer numerous benefits in software development allowing developers to leverage existing APIs from PLIS Smart Suite to add feature, access data, exchange information or perform specific tasks, saving a lot of time and effort.

Seamless connectivity, data exchange and digital transformation.

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