Seamlessly access to all production results through a user-friendly web-based application

Real-time insight - track production results on the go

With the Result feature in PLIS Factory, manufacturers can seamlessly access and review all their critical production results through a user-friendly web-based application, making it easily accessible from any device and from anywhere.

Manufacturers can access all production results from any web-enabled device such as tablets, smartphones, and computers. This also eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure and the time-consuming process of individually installing or updating every single computer station.

Traditional manufacturing operations, often involve delays in collecting and analyzing production data. With the Result feature, you can now get real-time insight directly to your device. Monitor KPIs as they happen, view test results, and get the complete result view of the production. This real-time data empowers decision makers to react swiftly to address any issue that may occur, optimize processes, and make sure that the production stays on track.

The result feature isn’t only about easy access, it also encourages collaboration and transparency within manufacturing teams. By granting access to production results across the factory, ensures that everyone aims for the same goal, weather it is the quality control team, ensuring production standards are met or production managers, tracking efficiency and making sure the production runs smoothly.

PLIS results

Easy access - anytime - anywhere

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