AGRAMKOW has been focusing on green and sustainable solutions for a long time, even before the Montreal Protocol was established

Join us on the journey towards green transition

Chillventa 2022

AGRAMKOW is a market leader, delivering green and sustainable solutions for the appliance industry and has been leading the “green wave” even before it became a trend. That’s one of the topics our Managing & Finance Director, Jacob Rosenhøj Jørgensen touches on, in the article that is featured in a local newspaper, Erhverv+.

Before the Montreal Protocol was established, AGRAMKOW was already producing solutions that allowed refrigerator, air-condition and heat pump manufacturers to be more sustainable and make their production more energy efficient.

Sustainability and climate are topics that are becoming more and more important to all of us and today, appliance manufacturers all over the world are making their products more environmentally friendly and switching to sustainable refrigerants. Hydrocarbon refrigerants are less harmful to the environment but on the other hand, they are flammable and therefor manufactures must consider factors such as safety/ hazardous zones and ventilation. These factors can be expensive and energy intensive. 

“We are a green company, and we follow where our customers and the society are heading” says Jacob.

For the past years, AGRAMKOW has been developing and launching a range of products that enable manufacturers to become more efficient, sustainable and increase their product quality. Products such as the NO-ZONE Solutions, that eliminates hazardous zone around the refrigerant charging point and doesn’t require any ventilation, the ALD-360 that allows manufacturers to automate their leak detection process and reduce human errors significantly and performance test solutions that enable manufacturers to test their products accurately and thereby avoiding faulty products and recalls from the market.

Automated Leak Detection
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