Remote installation of A1/A3 refrigerant charging solution in Nigeria

Innovative adaptation in the time of global pandemic

Case stories

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented conditions, challenging AGRAMKOW and our customers to collaborate in innovative ways.

The restrictions linked to the pandemic challenged AGRAMKOW in performing on-site installations and to ensure minimum delay for the customers, AGRAMKOW had to think out of the box and find alternative solutions.

In 2021, AGRAMKOW sold a refrigerant charging solution to Fouani Nigeria Ltd. that was to be installed at their manufacturing facility in Lagos, Nigeria. The equipment was delivered as planned, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic the installation was delayed. Without signs of easing of the COVID-19 restrictions, AGRAMKOW suggested Fouani Nigeria Ltd. to make the installation remotely. After rethinking and discussing the alternatives Fouani Nigeria Ltd. concluded that a remote installation would be optimal in the given situation.

Using the VSight platform, a groundbreaking digital solution for remote services, AGRAMKOW was able to deliver on-line installation and training remotely in close cooperation with the Fouani Nigeria Ltd. employees

The challenge

AGRAMKOW’s implementation process is normally combined with several procedures, such as on-site installation, equipment training and commissioning during which the customer gets a solid knowledge and experience with the functionalities of the equipment. Handling the implementation remotely required that assistance and training was handed over to the customer during the installation.

In January 2022, the installation was conducted by skilled  professionals at both ends. With support, guidelines, and training by AGRAMKOW’s Service Organization in Denmark, the Fouani employees in Nigeria did a fantastic job taking responsibility in the training and installation of the charging solution guided remotely by AGRAMKOW’s Service Organization. The process was ensured by highly skilled competencies at Fouani Nigerial Ltd., and was a balance between trust, continuous support and teamwork.

The solution

The refrigerant charging solution included a refrigerant charging machine and a safety system and other things that were needed for efficient and secure refrigerant charging.

  • CEMAC-F2 charging machine
  • SAFE-EN controller
  • Supply pumps
  • Flow and gas sensors
  • Training
  • Remote installation

"The machine gave me the time I wanted to fill, and thus it will help me to increase my daily production in the future."

Mr. Melad Okan (Production Manager)

Case story Fouani in Nigeria

The results

Thanks to excellent collaboration between Fouani Nigeria Ltd. and AGRAMKOW, the installation went as planned and was completed in only 10 days. Mr. Melad Okan, Production Manager, points out that with remote installation he increased his experience with the equipment and learned more than he would have during an on-site installation. Remote installation is certainly something he would recommend to others, even if the installation team has little experience.

After the installation, Fouani Nigeria Ltd. has seen several positive results in their production including high charging speed that will allow them to increase their productivity in the future. Since the machines do not take up much space, they fit in perfectly, and made major changes of the production line unnecessary.

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