A complete flammable charging solution with PLIS for a customer in Pakistan

Switch to environmentally friendly refrigerants

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As the demand for cooling equipment such as freezers, refrigerators and air-conditioning is growing, governmental and environmental legislations urge manufacturers to utilize environmentally friendly refrigerants to improve the cooling sector’s carbon footprint.

AGRAMKOW makes it easy for customers to act on climate threat by upgrading their production lines and transform to natural refrigerants. In cooperation with Khan Brothers, a local HVACR & appliance distributor in Pakistan, AGRAMKOW has successfully installed a complete refrigerant charging system for Pak Elektron Limited (PEL) allowing them to reduce their greenhouse emission footprint significantly and at the same time take their production to a higher level with an intelligent production line information system.

A complete flammable charging solution with PLIS

Ever since 1994 AGRAMKOW has been known in Pakistan for quality equipment and together with our partner, Khan Brothers, we have provided high quality service to customers all through Pakistan including PEL.

With PEL’s priorities in mind, AGRAMKOW seamlessly integrated a new equipment into the existing production line allowing them to easily transform to environmentally friendly refrigerant charging. AGRAMKOW installed a complete system solution including safety systems, refrigerant charging system, supply pump and everything that was needed to upgrade the production line.

Furthermore, a production line information system (PLIS) was successfully implemented giving PEL improved access to their data and the possibility for communication between all AGRAMKOW equipment (such as vacuuming, charging, leak detectors, safety and performance tester, etc.) while also supporting third party devices.

In addition, AGRAMKOW completed a training program to assure optimal performance, reliability, and safety during operation. The training program is designed according to industry safety standards to guarantee fully ATEX compliance and for operators, engineers and maintenance team to know how to handle flammable refrigerants and operate PLIS.

The Solution (products supplied)

  • SAFE-EN Master to ensure safety in charging and supply area through SAFE-EN slave
  • SAFE-EN Slave to ensure safety in cylinder/supply room
  • Gas, flow and pressure sensors
  • Drop box and valve box, flammable safety devices
  • Emergency switches
  • PROMAX charging station for R600a & R290 production
  • Accumulator to accumulate extra refrigerant
  • Ventilation in all areas (conveyor line, charger, supply room, connection/joints)
  • Safety valve to release refrigerant if accidentally exceeds 25 bar
  • Refrigerant supply pump to boost pressure from supply area to charger
  • RS controller kit to pneumatically control RS pump
  • Light tower, alarm for indication of hazards
  • Production Line Information System (PLIS) 
Case story PEL

The results

Throughout the entire process, AGRAMKOW collaborated closely with PEL as well as Khan Brothers to ensure the best possible solution.

Following the project, PEL is now successfully running their deep freezer production line, charging safely with environmentally friendly refrigerants while having a complete overview of their production line through PLIS.

PLIS has enabled them to have full traceability of every product on their line, they can now determine root cause of defects and delays that has significantly helped them reduce costly errors. They have found opportunities to optimize their processes resulting in improved performance and productivity that has had a positive impact on their bottom line.

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