Join us at the AHR expo in Atlanta

Unveiling of the Automated Leak Detector (ALD-360)

Chillventa 2022

Experience the ALD-360 firsthand

At the AHR expo you can experience leak detection solutions, refrigerant charging machines, performance testing solutions, production line information system (PLIS) and other solutions for refrigeration, air-condition and heat pump manufacturers.

Our team will be ready to tell you all about how you can benefit from using AGRAMKOW products.

We look forward to welcoming you to our booth, Building C, Level 1 — C7105

The AHR Expo is the place to be if you are a manaufacturere within HVACR


Designed to improve quality, increase productivity, and enhance your brand reputation. The leak detection is highly accurate and performs 360° leak detection consistently day in and day out.

Your benefits

  • Full automated leak detection process
  • Accurate and consistent leak detection
  • 360° leak detection
  • Reliable results and product traceability
  • Improved product quality
  • Enhanced brand reputation
  • and much more
Automated Leak Detection

What else can you expect to see at the show


No-Zone Charging Solution

A revolution in refrigerant charging that eliminates traditional safety zone around your charging station without compromising safety.

Performance testing

Performance Testing solutions

Build a winning brand reputation with reliable performance testing and get the results you can trust.


PLIS Smart Suite

Get full product traceability and real-time data from you production floor. With PLIS Smart Suite, you can reduce defects and reworks, increase resource utilization and improve cycle times.

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